• About Us

    IFAN is a network of independent, grassroots food aid providers. There are hundreds of food aid providers across the UK that have no national representation and we believe that by bringing them together we can can create a powerful voice for change.


    A group of people involved in local food aid provision came together following an event held in Manchester in March 2016. This event brought together 40 food aid providers to find out what they wanted from a new UK network.


    The event was very successful and led to the inaugural steering group meeting of IFAN in May 2016. This group is made up of people directly involved in food aid at a local level.


    After drafting a set of aims for the network, a survey was sent to food aid providers to get their views, enabling us to launch the network with a vision, aims, values and principles that we know truly represents those of our members.


    Any questions? Read our FAQs or contact us directly.