• IFAN and the End Hunger UK Coalition

    We’re really pleased that the Independent Food Aid Network is a core partner for Phase 2 of the End Hunger UK Campaign. End Hunger UK’s work so far has been significant in raising awareness of the UK food poverty crisis as well as long-term solutions to its root causes.


    How IFAN supports the vision of the End Hunger UK Phase 2 Campaign

    • IFAN fully endorses End Hunger UK's Menu to End Hunger in the UK and believes long-term solutions to poverty are far more likely to be developed through collaborative work. 
    • We are very much behind the three chosen priorities for Phase 2 of the Campaign - Child Food Insecurity; Welfare Reform and the Right to Food. 
    • We also fully support the EHUK campaign’s vision to achieving a long-term reduction in household food insecurity in the UK, to reduce the need for anyone having to turn to emergency food aid and to increase understanding of, and action to address, the underlying causes of hunger. 
    • We have been active in supporting the campaign’s efforts to establish an annual measurement of household food insecurity across the UK and will continue to be involved with its work to promote a Living Wage and to reduce the Poverty Premium. 
    • We believe the commitment of the campaign to grassroots engagement and the involvement of experts by experience will be key to the campaign’s success in bringing about structural changes. 
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