• Food Banks Map

    Below is a map of the independent food banks active right now (blue flags are IFAN members).

  • IFAN Connect

    Food banks outside of the Trussell Trust network have been opening at an extraordinary and unmeasured rate. New research by the Independent Food Aid Network, featured in The Guardian newspaper on the 29th May 2017, revealed that there are at least 651 independently run food banks operating across the UK. This number has now risen to 680.


    For years we have looked to the Trussell Trust to indicate the scale of food aid in this country but there's a great deal more to the story. These figures show that the number of food banks in the UK is much higher than previously estimated.


    Ultimately we would like to see national monitoring of household food insecurity as part of an effort to stop the normalisation of emergency food aid provision within the UK.


    If you represent an independent food bank or food bank style project that's not been included so far we'd very much like to hear from you. Please contact Sabine Goodwin at ifanconnect@gmail.com


    Pending funding, our next step will be to map all food aid providers that aren't categorised as food banks.