• Research

    IFAN is committed to developing a strong research base through which we might better understand the nature and extent of food poverty and potential solutions to it. We believe that this research should be made available to all those working to bring an end to food poverty.

    To help achieve this aim, IFAN undertakes a range of research; facilitates access to food aid providers for those undertaking research on food poverty; offers advice and assistance to researchers; and shares research with its members, other food aid providers, advocacy groups, the media and the wider public.

    IFAN is currently engaged in, or supporting, a number of research projects:

    Mapping the UK's Independent Food Banks

    Building a picture of the number of independent food banks operating across the UK.

    Story Bank

    Hearing from those who know more about the challenges of food poverty than anyone else: people using food aid.

    Advice and Support

    for Researchers

    Advising and supporting research into food poverty and food aid.

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