• StoryBank Project

    Politicians and journalists continue to talk about food banks and the people who use them. But we rarely get the chance to hear from the people who know more about the challenges of food poverty than anyone else: people using food aid.

    IFAN has been awarded funding by LUSH to develop a StoryBank documenting first-hand people’s experiences of food poverty and food aid.

    Rather than asking people to talk about pre-determined topics, StoryBank provides a space for people to tell their own stories in their own words – to tell us what is important to them.

    Stories will be collected by volunteers, trained by IFAN’s Professor Jon May, Seb Mayfield, Stephanie Ellis and Dr Andy Williams, at a number of IFAN member’s food aid projects, and made available to others through a web-based StoryBank.

    StoryBank is currently in the pilot stage and will run until January 2018.


    We're looking for an IFAN member group to work with us in the pilot phase of this project.


    Why get involved?


    • Stories will help you to recruit volunteers and donations

    • You can use the stories as evidence for potential/current funders

    • Stories will encourage a process of reflection locally about the aims and outcomes of your project.


    What will happen?


    Members of the IFAN team will train volunteers at your project to record stories from the people who use your service.


    Your volunteers will be supported to collect stories, all of which will be made available through a web-based StoryBank.




    If you would like your organisation to take part in StoryBank please contact Seb Mayfield at ifan.uk@gmail.com