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  • The BMJ’s 2020-21 Annual Appeal is supporting the

    Independent Food Aid Network


    The Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) works across the UK to support a range of independent food aid organisations including over 500 independent food banks while advocating on their behalf at a national level. Its vision is of a country without the need for emergency food aid and in which good food is accessible to all.


    Independent food banks have seen a significant increase in need since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, with people more frequently requiring their services and a new cohort of people reaching out for the support of food banks for the first time. The use of food banks has remained higher than ever before, particularly for younger people, households with children, single households, those with physical or mental health conditions, working households bringing in insufficient wages and for people with no recourse to public funds. The long-term impact on the NHS of the rising numbers of people living with food insecurity will be considerable.


    IFAN is run by a small core team while its member organisations reach hundreds of thousands of people. Your donation will mean IFAN can continue to advocate for the changes that would reduce the need for charitable food aid as well as support its members to provide a stop gap for people living with food insecurity in communities across the UK.


    You can donate to the Independent Food Aid Network here:

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