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  • Scotland

    Find the 'Worrying About Money?' leaflet for your local area and shortened links for sharing


    View Leaflet | www.ifanuk.org/3fZymkE

    View Poster | www.bit.ly/3gIhXR8

    Argyll and Bute

    View Leaflet | www.bit.ly/2S9eToN



    View Leaflet |www.ifanuk.org/3loezx6

    View Poster | www.ifanuk.org/3lunqNK

    East Lothian

    View Leaflet | www.bit.ly/3m5Wq6Y

    View Poster | www.bit.ly/3ryxCWv


    View Leaflet | www.bit.ly/37ZPS4h

    View Poster | www.fanuk.org/3hFSUiZ


    View Leaflet | www.bit.ly/3zDCrDi


    View Leaflet | www.ifanuk.org/3tJAOBe


    Translations | Arabic, Polish, Romanian, Urdu, Farsi, Slovakian


    View Leaflet | www.bit.ly/3gKgrzu

    View Poster | www.bit.ly/3cMXU2P


    View Leaflet | www.bit.ly/3q9coze
    View Poster | www.bit.ly/3gB65RV


    Translations | Arabic, Polish, Gaelic

    North Ayrshire

    View Leaflet | www.bit.ly/3wyPDHz

    View Poster | www.ifanuk.org/2XzXybf


    Perth and Kinross

    View Leaflet | https://bit.ly/3cQTZlC

    View Poster | www.bit.ly/3q7Wt4h


    Translations | Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian

    Scottish Borders (Eyemouth)

    View Leaflet | www.bit.ly/3gEK9W0

    View Poster | www.bit.ly/eyemouthleaflet


    View Leaflet | www.bit.ly/34MlIPI


    West Dunbartonshire

    View Leaflet | www.bit.ly/3xuePz0
    View Poster | www.bit.ly/3cTvsw9


    Translations | Arabic, Romanian, Bulgarian


    West Lothian

    View Leaflet | www.bit.ly/3gIiIel
    View Poster | www.bit.ly/3xv0imx

  • England

    You can also share the leaflet online using the short links provided

  • About the Project

    'Worrying About Money?' cash first referral leaflets are co-designed as straightforward resources for people facing financial crisis, and anyone supporting them, to quickly see available advice and cash first support options and which local agencies are best placed to help. The design of the leaflets is based on learning from Scotland's A Menu for Change project.


    IFAN is currently working with key stakeholders in numerous local authorities across the UK to co-develop and share these cash first resources as widely as possible. The aim of this work is to reduce the need for emergency food aid by helping people access any existing financial entitlements and advice on income maximisation as a cash first response to food insecurity.


    Leaflets already published for local authorities in Scotland and England can be found below.

    We are working in...

    Leaflets are currently being co-developed in Scotland in Aberdeenshire, Angus, East Renfrewshire, Orkney, Renfrewshire and the Western Isles; England in Adur and Worthing, Arun and Chichester, Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester, Dudley, East Riding of Yorkshire, Lancaster City, Leeds, Reading, Rossendale, Ryedale, Sedgemoor, Skipton and Craven, Staffordshire (across five local authorities), South Buckinghamshire, South Hams, Southwark, Swansea, Teinbridge, West Suffolk, Westminster, Winchester City and Wycombe; Wales in Swansea and Neath Port Talbot; and Northern Ireland in Mid Ulster.

  • Where can I find the leaflets?

    Scroll down to find and download leaflets available for local authorities in England and Scotland.


    If you don't see a leaflet for your area and would be interested in developing one please get in touch with Maria at maria@foodaidnetwork.org.uk.


    To request free printed copies of the leaflets please fill in this form.

    Give Your Feedback

    If you would like to share feedback on how you've used the 'Worrying About Money?' leaflet in your area please use this form. We'd be really glad to hear from you.

    Launch Events

    Launch events for the 'Worrying About Money?' leaflet are upcoming in Orkney (4th October 12-1pm), Shropshire (11th October, 4-5pm ), and Plymouth (15th October, 11-12pm ). These are an opportunity to learn more about the resource, local services available, and a cash first approach to food insecurity.


    Previous launches available to watch online have been run in Glasgow, Cornwall and Sheffield.

    Training Sessions

    If you'd be interested in attending or running basic training sessions linked to the 'Worrying About Money?' leaflet (developed by the Highland Money Counts Partnership) please contact us at admin@foodaidnetwork.org.uk.


    You can now register interest for the Cornwall and Sheffield training sessions.


    IFAN and Nourish Scotland's report 'Promoting a ‘cash first’ approach to food insecurity in Scotland: Lessons from developing ‘Worrying About Money?’ leaflets' is available to read online here.


    To find out more or If you have accessibility requirements or would like to find out more about different size specifications please contact Sabine Goodwin or Maria Marshall at admin@foodaidnetwork.org.uk.

  • Feedback on the cash first referral leaflets


    “This is a great piece of joint work and supplements all the other work that has been going on to make sure people are aware of all the support that is available to them and who to contact to get it...the guide is concise and clearly laid out with all the details and information on support available across the Highlands in the one place."


    Councillor Alasdair Christie, Deputy Leader of Highland Council


    Feedback on our co-developed referral leaflets


    "This leaflet is absolutely brilliant! Just what we've been looking for... all the information and useful numbers in the one leaflet. It's so easy to read as well. A great piece of work. We'll start distributing it next week in our food parcels."

    Braes Storehouse Food Bank

    Feedback on our co-developed referral leaflets


    "Thank you for the leaflet you have compiled. It is excellent and will be of good use to us when we deliver our food packs to houses."


    Storehouse Bo'ness

    Feedback on our co-developed referral leaflets


    "How exciting to receive them! They look great and really very clear to follow."


    East Berwickshire Foodbank

    Feedback on our co-developed referral leaflets


    "The new ‘Worrying About Money?’ leaflet for Shropshire has been really well received, people have told us it is straight forward and easy to use. We’re so pleased to be able to offer people this resource. The leaflet has really helped to empower local groups and individuals to know what cash-first support options are available in Shropshire."

    Sophie Padgett, Shropshire Food Poverty Alliance Coordinator

    Feedback on our co-developed referral leaflets


    "An important tool to tackling poverty in our city. Whilst food parcels remain an important, and often essential provision at a time of crisis, they aren’t dealing with the root causes of financial insecurity and are therefore just a temporary fix. Plymouth has many excellent services available for anyone with financial concerns, and this leaflet is a simple and easy to use resource to help agencies and volunteers offer appropriate assistance.”
    Ayshea Cross, Plymouth Food Aid Network Coordinator

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