• Cash First Project

    Between June and November 2020, Dr Chelsea Marshall is working with the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) on a project to support a 'cash first' approach at a local level. The project involves co-developing practical tools aimed at improving access to cash-based options for those experiencing food insecurity as well as working collaboratively with food aid providers to understand, record and share learning about how these ‘cash first’ options support a reduction in the need for food aid.


    Further details about the project can be found here and you can read Chelsea's blog on our ongoing work here.

    You can access one of our first co-developed cash-first referral leaflets for Argyll and Bute here.


    Cash First Project Briefings


    Key findings will inform ongoing discussions about how Scotland will pursue its commitment to end the need for food banks during the pandemic and beyond.


    How the delivery of Scottish Welfare Fund can reduce the need for emergency food aid


    Evidence from the Trussell Trust and IFAN shows that a cash-based response is the most effective and dignified way to support anyone in financial crisis. By ensuring income is maximised first, the number of people seeking assistance from food banks can and could be significantly reduced. Find out more in our joint document for local authority teams in Scotland here.

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