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  • IFAN's Cash First Project

    Until everyone is in a position to afford healthy and nutritious food, reducing the barriers to existing financial support is a critical step towards IFAN's vision of a UK where emergency food aid is no longer necessary. The benefits of a 'cash first' approach to poverty are well-documented - you can access resources on this here.


    IFAN's Cash First Project is working to support member food aid providers and other key stakeholders in local authorities in both Scotland and England. The project involves helping people in crisis access financial advice and support as an alternative to emergency food aid principally through the co-development of 'cash first' referral leaflets.


    IFAN initiated its Cash First Project in June 2020 in Scotland. You can read Dr Chelsea Marshalls blog on a local level 'cash first' approach here. Below, you can access our co-developed 'cash first' referral leaflets for various local authority areas and read briefings based on shared learning from the Cash First Project in Scotland.


    IFAN's Cash First Project continues in Scotland and has recently been extended to England thanks to funding from The National Lottery Community Fund.

    Cash First Referral Leaflets


    These leaflets have been co-designed as simple resources for people facing financial crisis - and for those who are supporting them - to quickly see what advice and 'cash first' support options are available and which agencies are best placed to help. IFAN is working with food aid providers and other key stakeholders across Scotland and England to co-develop and share these critical 'cash first' resources more widely.


    If you would like to access PDFs of any of these leaflets of a different size/dimensions please get in touch with Maria Marshall at admin@foodaidnetwork.org.uk.

  • Feedback on our co-developed referral leaflets


    “This is a great piece of joint work and supplements all the other work that has been going on to make sure people are aware of all the support that is available to them and who to contact to get it...the guide is concise and clearly laid out with all the details and information on support available across the Highlands in the one place."


    Councillor Alasdair Christie, depute leader of Highland Council


    Feedback on our co-developed referral leaflets


    "This leaflet is absolutely brilliant! Just what we've been looking for... all the information and useful numbers in the one leaflet. It's so easy to read as well. A great piece of work. We'll start distributing it next week in our food parcels."

    Braes Storehouse Food Bank

    Feedback on our co-developed referral leaflets


    "Thank you for the leaflet you have compiled. It is excellent and will be of good use to us when we deliver our food packs to houses."


    Storehouse Bo'ness

    Feedback on our co-developed referral leaflets


    "How exciting to receive them! They look great and really very clear to follow."


    East Berwickshire Foodbank

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