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Shopping Vouchers/Gift Cards (cash equivalents)


  • A flexible voucher system that was initially created to distribute grocery vouchers during school holidays and the COVID lock downs. Support is available in many different formats including postal vouchers delivered to the doorstep, retail vouchers, utility vouchers and has a platform for holiday activity and food programmes.

Charis Grants:

  • Provides a platform to safely distribute financial support and assistance. The service is flexible and Charis are able to work with clients to provide for the unique needs of each organisation to make sure the right support is given to each individual. For example, this might be within a few minutes for an emergency payment to be collected at a local Post Office, to a few days to arrange delivery and installation of a new washing machine

Hugg :

  • Hugg is a system that allows you to manage a wallet of funds to send digital grocery vouchers via text or email. The system allows the recipient to choose which supermarket they prefer to redeem the voucher at. Other voucher options include home essentials, clothing, school uniform, school essentials, energy and cash. All vouchers except energy and cash are free to use and there  is no setup cost.


Voucher Express - VEX :

  • Free to use -VEX provides supermarket gift cards, are available as physical gift cards, printed codes, email or SMS versions,and is targeted towards food, clothing and household essentials. They have an easy to use and adaptable platform with all the major supermarkets.

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