• Statutory Grants for Individuals

    Statutory grants for individuals experiencing hardship in the UK





    Discretionary Assistance Fund
    This fund has and is being administered flexibly until the end of March 2021.




    Scottish Welfare Fund - Crisis Grant

    People on low incomes may be able to get a crisis grant from the Council. This is a payment to help you cope during an emergency or disaster, or due to unexpected expenses. Crisis grants do not have to be paid back (not a loan). Refer to IFAN's Cash First project for more information.


    Northern Ireland


    Finance Support Service Cash Grants

    The Finance Support Service supports people who live in Northern Ireland and are in need of short-term financial help.


    Discretionary Support Self Isolation Grant

    Available to individuals on a low income and are experiencing financial difficulties as a result of being told to self-isolate - subject to eligibility. This grant will include a specific amount for any children and may be made for periods of more than 14 days.

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