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Supporting People

Healthy Start Vouchers and Best Start Foods

Low income families are eligible for Healthy Start Vouchers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and Best Start Foods in Scotland. People with NRPF may also be eligible. More details via the buttons below:

Hardship funds for individuals:

Vodafone charities connected

Vodafone offers free mobile connectivity for charities. You can use the free Vodafone SIMs to provide connectivity to your service users. The SIMs are loaded with 20GB of data, unlimited calls and texts each month for 6 months.

IFAN have compiled a list of some charitable hardship funds available to individuals across the UK.

Supporting people with no recourse to public funds:

Key piece of information: it is against the law for anyone to give advice on immigration if not regulated.  Only certain professionals are allowed to do so.  Whilst support can be offered (food parcels, advice), this should not be related to immigration - this needs to be referred.


Essential advice and information for supporting people who have no recourse to public funds is available on the following websites.







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