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    Assessing Volunteer COVID-19 risk using 'COVID Age'

    The Helensburgh and Lomond Foodbank in Argyll and Bute has shared a letter they've sent to food bank volunteers regarding the risks of Covid-19. Even after implementing of all the guidance on hand sanitiser, face coverings, 2 metre social distance and a walk through/give and go model, it is not possible to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 entirely. Therefore, they have sent this letter to volunteers regarding safety and health. All volunteers are being asked to complete an assessment which calculates a 'Covid Age' based on individual risk. This does not only focus on those over 70 year old but considers many different health factors. Helensburgh and Lomond have decided not to bring back volunteers who are ranked high or very high risk . You can download the 'Covid Age' assessment form online here or here (easy read).


    Subject: Vulnerability Risk Assessment for All Volunteers

    Dear Volunteer,

    I hope that this finds you safe and well, I would like to say thank you to all those who were able to volunteer during the Covid-19 lockdown period. Also to thank those who were unable to volunteer for various reasons for their patience, understanding and support during this difficult time. As you may know, the Scottish Government and the Chief Medical Officer have advised that we can now start the process of returning volunteers to work.


    We have considered what additional measures we need to take to protect volunteers and we have agreed that we should ask all volunteers, irrespective of age, or whether they have been volunteering during Covid or not, to complete a Personal Vulnerability Risk Assessment. This assessment does not rely on your actual age; it allows you to calculate your "Covid-age" and takes account of your health status. This risk assessment has been published on the Scottish Government Covid Website to allow individuals to calculate their Covid-age by scoring themselves against various risk factors to provide a vulnerability score. We request all volunteers to score their personal risk factors using the attached form. We do not wish you to return the form or share any of your personal health information with us, we however ask that you return your "Covid-age" to _____________ for review. Your Covid-age will remain confidential and only _____________ will have access to the information which will be deleted as soon as we have assessed your vulnerability status using your "Covid-age".


    Your health is important to us therefore only those with a Moderate or Low Covid-age Range will be able to volunteer with us during the pandemic. As we do not wish to expose anyone in a more vulnerable category to increased risk, those with a Covid-age that places them at Very High or High Risk from Covid will not be able to volunteer at the Food Bank during the pandemic. If you are in this category there may be other ways you can support the Food Bank. If you are interested in this please let me know. If you do not wish to complete the Vulnerability Risk Assessment or no longer wish to volunteer with the Food Bank we would be grateful if you could let us know.

    We fully understand that some people may be supporting vulnerable relatives and therefore may not be able to return to volunteering. It would be helpful if you could also let us know this.


    Please use the form to calculate your "Covid age" and return it as soon as possible. Only those who have returned their Covid-19 Age and have been notified that they can return to volunteering will be able to return to the Food Bank as a volunteer. All volunteers will receive an update on the infection control measures and new process prior to return.


    We wish to thank all of our volunteers for their past and current support without you we would not be able to help those experiencing food insecurity in our community.


    Yours sincerely,




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