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IFAN is the UK's network of independent food aid providers

Our vision is of a country without the need for charitable food aid where adequate and nutritious food is affordable to all.

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IFAN's letter to our new Prime Minister

Read IFAN's letter to our new Prime Minister, signed by IFAN's membership, which calls for immediate actions to reduce food insecurity and poverty.

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'Worrying About Money?' Cash First Referral Leaflets

Read about IFAN's work to co-develop 'Worrying About Money?' cash first referral leaflets in Scotland, as well as interactive, poster, translated and easy read versions.

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Building ‘cash first’ momentum while breaking the food bank paradox from the ground up

When it comes to reversing the institutionalisation of charitable food aid, how crisis support is provided at a local level matters a great deal. Read Sabine Goodwin and Maria Marshall's joint piece in CPAG's Poverty Journal

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Tackling food waste is not enough to fix the UK’s food poverty crisis

"No amount of food surplus redistribution is going to stop hunger from happening and pretending otherwise risks covering up the actual cause of food poverty: lack of income." Read IFAN's Sabine Goodwin's piece in The Big Issue on the Coronation Food Project

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Finding ways to improve availability and access to financial support in Cornwall

Find out howTransformation Cornwall, IFAN and the Trussell Trust have been working collaboration with Cornwall Council on the eligibility and accessibility of discretionary support for people struggling to afford food. 

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Turning the tide:

Cash First

and the

Right to Food

Alongside growing advocacy around a cash first approach and a decent standard of living, we have seen calls for the right to food to be realised within UK law. Find out more from IFAN's Sabine Goodwin and Maria Marshall in their joint blog.

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