• We are the UK network for

    independent food aid providers

    Our membership includes over 500 independent food banks


          Our vision is of a country without the need for charitable food and in which good food is accessible to all                           



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  • IFAN's Sabine Goodwin writes 
    for The Big Issue.
    "It’s becoming obvious that a 
    charitable food aid response is                unsustainable, undignified and ineffective."
    Read Sabine Goodwin's opinion piece here.

    IFAN urgently calls on the Government to reinstate £20 to Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit and to prioritise income-based solutions to address growing poverty.

    Read our letter to the

    Prime Minister here.

    Food bank manager Charlotte White writes for The BMJ about the impact of the cut to Universal credit on the Earlsfield Foodbank.

    Read Charlotte White's opinion piece

    for the BMJ here.


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