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Food bank volunteers

IFAN Member Organisations

If you or anyone you're supporting is struggling to afford food, you can find local advice and cash first support to maximise income through 'Worrying About Money?' cash first resources.

Find an IFAN independent food bank or other food aid provider in your area:

IFAN member organisations operate across the UK and provide food support in a variety of ways. IFAN's membership includes over 550 independent food banks.     

Then click the magnifying glass to search for your nearest food bank.

Other sources of local food aid support:

There are also hundreds of other independent food banks. To find out more about other independent food bank support in your area contact

The Trussell Trust food bank network includes over 1,300 food bank centres. The Salvation Army also provides food bank or other food aid support. Many schools, universities and hospitals also run food banks. In addition to at least 2,800 food banks operating across the UK, there are also thousands of other food aid providers including community kitchens, soup kitchens, food pantries and social supermarkets.


Local authority websites often provide information on local advice and cash first support as well as lists of local food aid organisations. Find your local authority here.


Find out more about mapping independent food banks and local food insecurity measurement here

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