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Money Counts Training

Having first co-produced the Highland 'Worrying About Money? leaflet, the Highland Money Counts Partnership went on to co-develop a training resource linked to the cash first referral leaflet in early 2021. This resource was aimed at frontline staff and volunteers working in the area and has subsequently been adapted by other 'Worrying About Money?' stakeholder groups in Cornwall, Argyll and Bute, Glasgow, Orkney, Plymouth and Shropshire. The Highland Money Counts Partnership has gone on to develop a Level 2 course and a 'Train the Trainers' course.


We've co-created this page to help stakeholders interested in developing similar training sessions put together the resources they need. You can find resources and more information below.

If you have any questions at all or would like to speak with members of the Highland and Cornwall groups directly please contact

What is the 'Money Counts' training course?

The 'Money Counts' training course is a single (45min or 1hr) session designed to help frontline workers and volunteers to best use the ‘Worrying About Money? leaflet when supporting people who are struggling with money worries or financial crisis. The sessions help frontline staff to gain confidence in having initial conversations with people about their money concerns.


Learning objectives include:

  • being able to identify someone who might have money worries

  • knowing which cash first advice and support options are available locally and nationally

  • feeling confident to support people struggling to afford food to access advice and support services

  • using the 'Worrying About Money?' leaflet well and with confidence 

Does there need to be a local 'Worrying About Money?' leaflet for training to happen?

As the training sessions are closely linked to the 'Worrying About Money?' leaflets ideally there would be a leaflet available in your area - see a full list of published leaflets and of areas where work to co-develop a leaflet is underway here. Please get in touch with IFAN at if you'd be interested in co-developing a leaflet for your area as a first step.

Does the 'Money Counts' need to be different for each area?

The Highland and Cornwall training resources listed below can be adapted or replicated for any area. The template scripts and slides used in Highland and Cornwall are slightly different to reflect the different audiences the stakeholder groups were/are trying to reach. We'd suggest using content from both slide decks for your own version.

Do I need permission to run 'Money Counts' training sessions?

The slides and course script are available for free to be adapted with thanks to the 'Worrying About Money?' stakeholder groups in Highland and Cornwall. We would simply ask that you let us know if you are planning to run sessions using these resources so that IFAN and colleagues in Highland and Cornwall can better understand the impact of training. Please write to us at if you are planning 'Money Counts' training sessions.

Training Resources

Money Counts Training

Download the Highland 'Money Counts' presentation

Download the Cornwall 'Money Counts' presentation

Money counts training slides

Download the training guide

Example Recordings of Money Counts Training

Leeds Money Counts Training Session
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