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Food Box

Nutritional Guidelines

For Food Parcels

These nutritional guidelines have been put together by a team of Registered Dietitians based at Centrepoint to provide a resource for staff and volunteers running IFAN food banks and other food aid providers.

These guidelines are evidence-based, affordable and when possible could be used to support beneficiaries receive a nutritionally balanced food parcel that takes health conditions, the need for culturally appropriate food and kitchen facilities into account. A series of recipes linked to the guidelines has also been developed. A series of recipes based on these guidelines has also been developed and can be found below.
IFAN is very grateful to Centrepoint Food Hub's Isabel Rice for all her time, input and commitment to this project. We'd also like to thank Isabel's colleagues, Ashleigh Haney and Laura Gent for all their work on the guidelines and recipes. And thanks, too, to various IFAN member organisations for their invaluable feedback.

Oven Free Recipes

Diabetes Friendly Recipes

Gluten Free Recipes

Halal Recipes