• We are the UK network for

    independent food aid providers.

    We support a range of independent food aid organisations while advocating on their behalf at a national level.

    Our membership includes over 450 independent food banks.


    Our vision is of a country without the need for emergency food aid and

    in which good food is accessible to all.

  • Do you want to find out more about local independent food banks?
    Contact ifanconnect@gmail.com for information on independent food banks in your local area.

  • Over £53,000 has been raised by the BMJ Annual appeal to support IFAN. Independent food banks across the UK have been able to buy personal protective equipment for volunteers and staff as well as other essential supplies as a result of funds raised. 


    Find out more here.

    “We are very concerned that the highly contagious new strain of Covid-19 could put food bank staff, volunteers, and the people they support at increased risk of infection and that self-isolating measures may involve the reduction in service or closure of food banks.”

    Read our letter here.

    83 independent food banks (of a total of at least 961 UK-wide) distributed a total of 354,613 emergency food parcels from February to November 2020 compared to 168,560 emergency food parcels from February to November 2019 -

    a rise of 110% rise.


    Read more here.

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