• Current Joint Campaigns

    Scrap the Cap Campaign

    The Poverty Alliance

    "We all want to live in a society where everyone has enough to live a decent and fulfilling life. But people impacted by the benefit cap are currently held back from this. The Scrap the Cap campaign will call on the UK Government to remove the benefit cap, which places a limit on the total amount of benefit payments a person or family can receive. We believe that it is wrong, in principle, to sever the link between the support a person needs and the level of support they receive."


    Read more here.

    Living Income Campaign

    New Economics Foundation

    The living income campaign aims to set an income level below which no one can fall. Everyone should afford the basics for a decent quality of life, whether in or out of work. By fixing our broken social security system and creating new universal payments, a Living Income will guarantee a sufficient minimum income for all.


    Read more about this campaign here.

    Plenty to Share

    This is Rubbish

    Many organisations are battling hard to redistribute surplus food to people facing food insecurity – but a growing number are realising that this is not a long-term solution to either food waste or food poverty. A number of organisations have come together to call for a world without food waste or poverty - where we waste less and share more.


    Read more here and watch a webinar exploring systemic solutions to food waste and poverty, and introducing the movement here.

    Zero Hours Justice

    Zero Hours Justice

    Zero Hours Justice campaigns to end the use of unilaterally-imposed zero hours contracts, provides legal information and advice to zero hours workers and seeks to encourage employers to stop using zero hours contracts or use them in accordance with its strict "Fairer Hours" criteria through its accreditation scheme.


    Read more here. 

    All Kids Count

    Child Poverty Action Group

    The All Kids Count campaign is fighting for every child's right to free health care, a good education, and a childhood free from poverty. Ultimately, they are calling for the government to lift the two-child limit so that families will be given the support they need from the social security system when they experience tough times.

    Read more about this campaign here.


    The Trussell Trust

    The #5WeeksTooLong campaign is in response to the growing number of people moving into Universal Credit. Every person who applies for this must wait at least five weeks for a first payment. This is leaving many without enough money to cover the basics and forcing people into foodbanks.


    This campaign is hoping to inspire people to "Join Together", "Build Pressure" and "Make Change".


    Read more about this Campaign here.

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