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A Cash First Future

Explore resources linked to the 'A Cash First Future' conference recently held in Glasgow by IFAN and the Trussell Trust

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About the conference

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The Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) and the Trussell Trust's joint event A Cash First Future: Ending the need for charitable food aid in Scotland together was held in person at The Studio in Glasgow on the 27th of March 2023. 


This event was an opportunity for people working with local authorities, the advice sector, the NHS, food banks, food pantries, social supermarkets, food redistribution charities, anti-poverty charities as well as the Scottish Government and other elected representatives to share learning, perspectives and plans to build a cash first future. Break-out workshops and plenary sessions covered both what a cash first future looks like and how it can put into practice.


The conference was due to take place following the publication of the Scottish Government's eagerly anticipated plan to end the need for food banks in Scotland. The plan was finally published in June 2023 and we released a joint report A Cash First Future – Case studies, presentations and next steps from our conference in October 2023.

Cash first future page materials

Plenary Sessions

Please note resources cannot be replicated without the permission of their authors. Please get in touch with us at if you have any questions. Thanks a lot. 


1. Welcome and opening remarks

Polly Jones, Trussell Trust and Sabine Goodwin, IFAN

Annie McCormack, Broke not Broken and Audrey Flanagan, Glasgow South East Foodbank 


2. What do we mean by cash first?

Katy Kitchingham, Trussell Trust

3. How to ensure people with lived experience are at the heart of a cash first approach

Dr Maddy Power, University of York, Emma Schoolar, Trussell Trust Financial Inclusion Team, Danny Ogierman, Dundee Fighting for Fairness, Brian Scott, Trussell Trust Together for Change Panel

4. Putting cash first into practice: lessons from today and next steps for tomorrow

John Dickie, CPAG Scotland, Annie McCormack, Broke not Broken, Lynn Anderson, The Poverty Alliance, Polly Jones, Trussell Trust, Sabine Goodwin, IFAN 

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Morning Workshops

1. The crucial role of local authorities in delivering a cash first approach

John Cunningham, COSLA, Rachel Ormston, Ipsos MORI, John Campbell, North Lanarkshire Council, Jayne Jones, Argyll and Bute Council, Polly Jones, Trussell Trust



2. Building the foundations of a cash first approach: using the Worrying about Money? leaflet and building partnerships

Maria Marshall, IFAN, Sabine Goodwin, IFAN, Julie Semple, Bute Advice Centre, Caroline Hastings, Aberdeenshire Council, Katy Kitchingham, Trussell Trust

3. Ending the need for food banks with a cash first approach: projects, systems and long term change

Harry Johnson, Community Consulting & Trussell

Afternoon Workshops

1. Recognising the cash first approach in the Right to Food and other campaigns

Pete Ritchie, Nourish Scotland, Tara Lillis, STUC Women’s Committee, Polly Jones, An Essentials Guarantee / Trussell Trust, Cara Hilton, Trussell Trust




2. The crucial role of the advice sector in delivering a cash first approach 

Angus McIntosh, Castlemilk Law Centre, Julie Podet, Citizens Advice Dalkeith, Ed Pybus, CPAG, David Brownlee, Trussell Trust



3. Cash first and tackling the food waste problem

Professor Flora Douglas, Robert Gordon University, Maddy Power, IFAN Trustee / University of York, Sabine Goodwin, IFAN , Andrew Forsey, Feeding Britain, Jon Molyneux FareShare Scotland


If you have any feedback  or questions regarding the Cash First Future conference, you can get in touch with the organising team via


 You can also fill out our short feedback survey.

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