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References to our work

IFAN's work has been referenced in key publications, during oral evidence-gathering sessions and in Parliament and Committee hearings.

IFAN's work referenced in key publications

What can community food initiatives do to support cash first approaches to food insecurity?

Public Health Scotland | February 2024

Food bank demand and the rising cost of living

House of Commons Library | October 2022

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee | July 2020

Guildford Borough Council |

March 2019

IFAN contributions to evidence sessions

October 2022 (Sabine Goodwin, Coordinator, Independent Food Aid Network)

May 2021 (Sabine Goodwin, Coordinator, Independent Food Aid Network)

November 2022 (Maria Marshall, Project Manager, Independent Food Aid Network)

IFAN's work mentioned in Parliament or Committee Hearings

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